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Air Movers Explained

Desiccant dehumidifiers Explained

Air movers are an important component of drying, especially in water damage restoration, because...

Air movers are an important component of drying, especially in water damage restoration, because they increase the evaporation rate of a material by lifting moisture from the surface up into the air where the moisture can be collected and removed. Restoration Express offers several types including turbo dryers, ductible axial fans and high-volume axial fans. Each type can be combined with dehumidifiers and other equipment to create a complete drying system.

Turbo dryers

Turbo dryers (also known as carpet dryers, turbo fans and snout or snail type air movers) provide continuous, high velocity airflow for fast, efficient drying of carpets, floors and other surfaces that have been water damaged. They are also useful for carpet cleaning and drying freshly plastered or painted surfaces. Turbo dryers such as the Tempest below, feature a rugged housing constructed of high-density polyethylene and a stackable design for easy storage.

Axial fans

Axial fans deliver high volumes of air through a large opening to boost drying power in remediation applications involving water damage. They are used to remove moisture-laden air from the area being restored to increase the rate of evaporation, boosting the effectiveness of dehumidifiers. The variety of sizes means you can choose the right size fan for the application in hand, either domestic or commercial. Please call with your requirements and we will talk through your requirements with you.

Vortex Axial Fans

Vortex Axial Fans deliver massive airflow to positive air pressure to blow fresh air into an area or negative air pressure to pull out moist or contaminated air. Combined with flexible ducting, these versatile ventilators are also ideal for drying and ventilating inaccessible areas such as floor voids, attics, lift-shafts and other service areas. They utilise 12" diameter collapsible ducting to move high volumes of air up to 125 feet away.

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