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Dehumidifier Evaluation

Thinking about buying or hiring a dehumidifier and don't know which one to choose?

Dehumidifier Evaluation

A survey of 25 of the most popular dehumidifiers. What the results show, is that when it comes to extracting moisture, dehumidifiers don't always do what they say on the tin or the box. When dehumidifier manufacturers test their new equipment, they use a controlled environment so the results always look great, but as most restoration contractors know, when you take same piece of equipment into the field and use it under flood or water damage conditions the results are some what different to whatthe manufacturers state.

All 25 models were tested by The National Flood School (in a flooded house) for amount of water pumped or collected in a bucket, manufacture quality, price, durability, after sales service and the ratio between how much moisture was removed versus the original buy price. The results were plotted and each device was placed into one of five classifications, Class 4 being the lowest performer and Class 1 plus being highest performer. The top three devices were also given a performance medal depending on their value for money rating.

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