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THERMODRY™Heat Trailer

THERMODRY™Heat Trailer
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Buy the THERMODRY™ HEAT TRAILER if you need is a fully self contained trailer mounted drying system with its own on board fuel tank for up to 48 hours continuous drying. The most effective & efficient drying tool available on the market today, can reduce standard drying times by up to 90%.
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Dry a water damaged or flooded property in days when it normally takes months, take advantage of the most effective water restoration solution available on the market today, get the same performance as that other product you've been looking at, but only pay half the price.

Years of restoration industry experience, hundreds of development hours and now the wait is over. Restoration Express is proud to introduce The THERMODRY™ HEAT TRAILER. A fully self contained, trailer mounted heating and drying system complete with its own on board fuel tank that has the same performance as any other products on the market, it's just half the price!

For a year now, we at restoration express have been keeping our eye on those'heating trailer' manufacturers taking advantage of Restorers by charging them way over the odds. Well Mr Competition, your time is up, you've been rumbled, the cats out of the bag, no longer will you be able to take advantage, because now the Restoration Industry has someone else to bench-mark you against. As with some of the most expensive alternatives, the THERMODRY™ HEAT TRAILER uses an thermostatically controlled drying system to dry flooded buildings extremely quickly compared to traditional methods, but unlike some other systems the THERMODRY™ HEAT TRAILER can use outside air, rather than recycled air which also makes it ideal for drying and heating confined areas such as construction sites and marquees.

It works by drawing in fresh air, heat-conditioning it to between 2 - 15% Relative Humidity (a desert is 22% RH) and then blowing this extremely dry air into the building through the flexible ducting. As the dry air circulates throughout the building, it absorbs large quantities of moisture which a second blower then extracts. This process is extremely fast and is ideal if you wish to reduce the drying time and minimise business interruption.

Benefits include:

- Trailer mounted for speed of deployment
- Large additional storage areas for tools and restoration equipment
- Reduces claims costs by up to 90%
- Shortens overall insurance claim cycles
- Minimises secondary loss
- Decreases chance of mold and bacteria growth
- Holds 400 Litres of diesel for up to 48 hours continuous use
- Comes with 2 x 5m flexible ducting
- Sanitises and kills bugs as it drys
- Extremely easy to operate
- Customisable decals
- Can operate on RED Diesel
- Only requires a 13 amp socket to operate

Brand: Restoration Express

Product code: BUY-THERMTR

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